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Welcome to 
The GPS Group
GPS Global Partners

We are a collaborative group of Agent-Partners obsessed with reaching our goals.

Together, we can accomplish anything!

What is The GPS Group?


The GPS Group is founded on three fundamental principles: 




We are a partnership, without any costs or commission sharing. We are agents helping agents. We are a “team” of agents focused on building our business, and we share a common mindset that there is enough business for all. Through sharing strategies, ideas, and supporting each other, we all can continue to expand and increase our financial well-being through real estate, while outpacing the rest of the industry.  Again, there's no cost, no requirements except for a desire to be part of something that's collaborative, combined with a desire to share what works, and what doesn't.  


Daily Mastermind Calls

Our commitment to your growth doesn't end when you join us! 


Imagine a DAILY mastermind call with topical, on-point, proven, and actionable strategies that will immediately impact your business. We offer that, five days a week and they are hosted by some of the best coaches, trainers, and mentors in the real estate industry. Not only is the training content extraordinary, the sense of community and being a part of this positive, supportive group is inspiring and will improve your mindset for the day ahead. This is all in addition to the already incredible training calendar we utilize daily, with more than 75 weekly topical training classes.


Specialized Lead Generation Training

We are committed to helping you become an expert in lead generation!

Open Houses:  Would you invest 20 weekends, for 20 closings, with almost zero cost out of pocket? Open Houses, done the correct way, will quickly increase your closings. Imagine 20, 30 or even 40 groups through your Open House. With our proven Open House strategy, we can show you how easy it is to generate leads. Our partners choosing to lead generate this way are also leading the industry in results.

Database Management:  This is the one required lead generation skill all agents must master and almost none actually do. We train in this field to assure our partners are industry leaders in database management. Do you have 50 people that know you and like you? We can show you how to transition them into referral partners and clients and generate 8-10 closing a year from them. There is also training on exactly how to add to your database each week, and grow your referral business to 30-40 closings a year. And it's all FREE for you. Because you matter. Because we are partners.

Farming: both through social media and geographical is a solid long-term business strategy and one that most agents should consider when building their real estate business. We offer specialized courses in the following with expert coaches leading these trainings...

YouTube Marketing, FSBO, Expired & Withdrawn Listings, and provide multiple social media lead platforms as well as an extremely busy nationwide referral network.

       And so much more! it is ALL about you reaching your goals!

Build your business..
Reach YOUR goals...
Together we do anything!
What our Partners are saying
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We grow businesses!
More great feedback from partners...
This group spreads optimism and positive thinking and ways to better ourselves every day  What  a great way to Jumpstart the day elevation. The perfect combination!
         Debra Dear
We share, and this means we grow faster than anyone else. 
Bobby Baldor
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All 50 States
and 18 Countries

I’m 30 days in with the GPS Group and have received more guidance, support, inspiration and wisdom than I have had in the past 6 years with another broker. So thankful for all of you.
Jennifer Bartone
our WORLDWIDE reach
I love the synergy of the group. Agents helping agents is AWESOME! The group is so helpful on so many levels. It makes you feel like you are part of something so much bigger. And the best part is that it’s not just about US. It’s about elevating EVERYONE! Inspiration, education and elevation. The perfect combination!
Daryl Noonan
Agents Working Together
If you would like to learn more about the GPS Group, simply click the link below
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